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Comune di Casale Marittimo 
Via del Castello 133 - 56040 Casale Marittimo (Pisa) 
URP tel 0586-653411 - Fax : 0586-653444 
IT 55 E 06370 70930 0000 10000976 
Codice Catastale B878    Codice Istat 050 006 
P.Iva 00371450503 
Codice Fiscale 83000370508


Read the article: "La Casale che piace"

Tourist Information Office Pro Loco di Casale


Activity: Tourist information service, reception, distribution of advertising material. The service is done by volunteers and members of Casale Marittimo

Piazza del Popolo, 56040 Casale Marittimo (Pisa) - Tel. 0586 652306

OPENING HOURS dal 15/06 al 15/09 dalle 11,00 alle 13,00 e dalle 18,00 alle 20,00 Sunday closed



The typical products of a traditional menu of Casale Marittimo could be referred to as alpha and omega.

As appetizer, there is pancetta arrotolata (a sort of bacon, rolled, very salty and spicy).

The most representative of the desserts are the cantuccini (cookies made by strings of dough cut diagonally with whole almonds and pine-seeds inside), forma di fichi, dried figs, opened, filled and pressed, the rare priest’s pear (a winter fruit, yellowish green, with aromatic and savory pulp), honey (produced by a farm with innovative techniques, that still practices the search for blossoming).

In the territory of Casale Marittimo, included in the areal of Doc white wines, Montescudaio and San Torpè, namely in the locality of Nocera, there is the production also of red wines such as “Casalvecchio” and “I Principi Guerrieri”, very well known locally.

At last, excellent extra-virgin oil is produced from the large olive groves.

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